Excelera DCE

A Direct Contracting Entity

Excelera DCE™ aims to deliver a more robust quality-care health management program while dramatically lowering costs for traditional Medicare patients. Excelera DCE was selected by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to contribute towards its novel Direct Contracting program.

DCE Contact Information

Physical Location/Mailing Address:
Excelera DCE
P.O. Box 10729
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Contact No.
(877) 831-4688


Primary Contact

Primary Contact Phone Number (877) 831-4688
Primary Contact Email Address [email protected]


Joint Ventures Between or Among the DCE and any of its DCE Participant and Preferred Providers

Excelera DCE has not entered into any joint ventures between or among our Participating or Preferred Providers.


DCE Participant Providers


DCE Preferred Providers



Name Designation
Brian Gillan Voting Member
Sanjay Patil Voting Member
Jim Wallace Voting Member
Eddie Chao DCE Beneficiary / Consumer Advocate / Voting Member
Terry Lee, MD Participant Provider / Voting Member

DCE Key Clinical and Administrative Leaders

Name Designation
Jim Wallace Chief Executive Officer
Vladimir Kostich Chief Financial Officer
Diane Pham, MD Chief Quality Officer
Brian Gillan Chief Compliance Officer
Peter Fung, MD Chief Medical Officer
Jenny Probert Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Sanjay Patil Chief Scientific Officer
Steve Ringley Information Systems Officer


Shared Savings and Shared Losses Information

Data Not Yet Available

Performance on the Quality Measures

Performance on shared savings, losses, and quality will be shared as it becomes available.