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What is the DCE?

The Direct Contracting (DC) Model is a voluntary Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO). It aims to reduce administrative burden through partially or fully capitated payments for relevant Medicare Part A and Part B services

Why partner with Excelera?
  • Excelera Health has an existing licenses and relationships with CMS and DHMC to operate in the health insurance sector.
  • It operates in a partnership model; with providers, provider groups and care networks to provide value-based care to Medicare population.
  • It continuously invests to analyze upcoming CMS Medicare models to build best practice and optimize value for stakeholders (providers and members).
  • It operates multiple lines of business to cater for Medicare population.
    • MAPD
    • NGACO
    • DCE (new)
Why participate in a DCE, and not an MSSP?

With DCE there are monthly payments (prospective payments) unlike to fee for service, which enable better cashflow within the value chain.
More importantly with the model of “directly contracting” with providers, we are distributing value to where it really matters.

Why Excelera DCE and not any other DCE?

We have a payment mechanism that appropriately distributes value to its participants and really rewards performance. We have a care management team and tools to help you succeed so the rewards are genuinely attainable.